Creativity & Innovation Leadership Kit


The ONLY all-in-one leadership training kit that has EVERYTHING a leader like you needs to engage your team, develop stronger leaders, overcome obstacles, and improve business performance!

This month’s Leadership Kit helps you build Creativity & Innovation Leadership Skills with your team. We offer tips for increasing creativity, as well as 4-5 exercises in each kit with the flexibility to use all-in-one workshop training session, or use one on-demand and save the rest for another time.

Just send the individual Leadership Boxes to your team if they can’t be in-person, read through the simple directions, and you are ready to go with less than 60 minutes of preparation. It’s REALLY that SIMPLE.

Finally, an easy way to improve team and business performance even if you are short on time, experiencing significant change, aren’t a leadership & development expert or struggling with virtual teams.

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Monthly Leadership Kit to build critical skills in Creativity & Innovation.

Creativity & Innovation Leadership Kit includes:
* 10 participant boxes with tools and materials for 4-5 exercises and an instruction guide
* 1 hour of on-demand video training for each exercise
* Simple Facilitator’s guide
* Action Planning tools
* Special offer for next month’s leadership kit

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